Warwick Bynes
Weird al yankovic 4
Vital statistics
Position Hologram Records Worker
Age 39
Status Bob Dylan Lover
Physical attributes
Height 6'8
Weight 235 lbs

Biography Edit

Hello, I'm a weirdo named Warwick, but I go by my middle name Alexander. I spent all of my life in Chicago, so I'm familiar with the music scene here and stuff. I've always love music and comedy, and I try to incorporate it into my daily life, so I work at Hologram Records over in the mall while doing stand up comedy at night. I also seem to fancy my co. worker Keith since I've known him and his ex Richard since I was in second grade.In fact, I wonder how Richard is doing considering how I tend to see him when I'm working on weekends, but I can never find the time to communicate with him. Oh well.

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