Vylette Jackson
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 18
Status Alpha Bitch
Physical attributes
Height 5"6' (without heels)
Weight 120 lbs

Biography Edit

People usually describe Vylette as an alpha bitch that's more on the level that Priscilla and Lindsey are, but sorta worse that she makes Frankie and Evangeline seem like they're Care Bears. She always manipulates people to get her way, although it does occasionally backfires on her. Such a cunt most people would say, but it doesn't affect Vylette any that she only ever takes it as a compliment. Fucking slut some would say, but Vylette would just point at them and say that the Allen sisters are slutty, not her. Her catchphrase is known to be "Peachy fucking keen" because everything that is in her favor is peachy fucking keen. She is trying her best to get Priscilla off of the Queen Bitch throne of Chicago Prime that once had Melissa Allen and Sarah Kelskeay sharing it alongside her. Since Priscilla only has Frankie left, Vylette is confident that her time to become Queen Bitch is nearing.

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