Vera Foxx
Vital statistics
Position Socialite, hotel heiress
Age 49
Status Socialite Heiress
Physical attributes
Height 6'5
Weight 140 lbs

Biography Edit

Ciao! I'm Vera Foxx, formerly Vera Di Mercurio. I came from a large, wealthy family in Italy. When I was 24, I moved to the US and became a citizen and eventually met my husband, Jared, who just happened to be the grandson of the founder of Foxx Suites. We dated for a couple months and then we got married since we just knew that we were meant to be together. Six years later, we ended up having a son named Darcy. Many people say that he got his looks from me, and I believe them. We eventually moved to Chicago a year or two Darcy entered school so we could live out of the spotlight, especially since I'm a well known socialite. Maybe sometime in the future my husband and I will open up about our son Darcy, and hopefully he'll get married and continue the Di Mercurio and Foxx bloodline. I'd be so disappointed if he doesn't...

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