Valerie is a 19 year old student at Chicago Prime.


My name is Valerie and people tend to describe me as someone that everyone can rely on. I'm not sure on what to think about the everyone part, but I guess I can agree with the rest. I'm an aspiring actress, so I'm hoping to do my best and hopefully do some films in the future if possible. Compared to most at school, I love life! I love living, breathing and all that kind of stuff. It keeps me going and I find it as a way to let me know that despite all of the bad things in life, many good events will follow. I make sure to work hard at the stuff I do since I think it's good to try things the best you can and go with the flow. I also love being around people since you can get to know them and make new friends which is definitely something I enjoy doing in my free time. I guess that's about it, so I'll stop there.


Ophelia Gaile  - Friend