Thomas Levi
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Janitor
Age 57
Status Psychopath
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 135 lbs

Biography Edit

Thomas is pretty much your average middle-aged high school dropout reject. He was rebellious as a kid, and continues to try to rebel despite not actually having anything to rebel against, anymore. He decided to become a janitor, but only because he considers other jobs too corporate, and he believes himself to be above that. His father actually had a successful business selling used cars, and Thomas’s dad did offer him a job working for him, but Thomas declined deciding it was too consumerist and that he had other, more important dreams to pursue. So that’s how the janitorial job came about. Thomas actually does have some ambitions, though, and has been an aspiring musician ever since middle school. However, his career in music hasn’t really gone anywhere and instead he’s reduced to being the creepy guy with the guitar who hangs around the subway station begging people for money for playing mediocre tunes on his acoustic guitar. Regardless, he still hasn't given up on this dream

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Friends Edit

  • Isis- his cat

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