Shanique Carter
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 20
Status Try hard
Physical attributes
Height 6'4
Weight 175 lbs

Biography Edit

Shanique, or 'Nique, was born and raised in a rich family. You could say that she's a princess because she gets what she wanted, but her family is fucked up. Her mother was a prostitute, so she feels the need to watch over her siblings. I guess you could say that it's unusual considering how her mother had the money, but I guess it's only because she had usually had sex with those who had a bit of a business empire. Due to all that, she is quite bitchy, but can be defensive at times if anyone tried to hurt her siblings or her friends. 'Nique is quite popular due to having to be the oldest out of the five Carter siblings, so just don't expect her to follow the rules. She has been singing since she was seven as her mother Reginae didn't want her oldest daughter to end up like her.

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