Rihcrad Murphy is the 36 year old French teacher at Chicago Prime.


Hello, I shall tell about my life, so I hope my instinct is correct when it comes to saying it. I've been in Chicago my whole life, so most people I tend to recognize since I enjoy talking to everyone. People tend to find me difficult to understand, especially if it's my students, but that's okay because I listen to them and teach them. I don't always go on about my rambling. I find myself to be independent, so I do my own things just as long as it's okay with my boss depending on the lessons I plan to teach. I absolutely dislike when conflict occurs at lunch, in the hallways, and during class. In fact, I just hate conflict in general, so I try my best to resolve it and let them talk it out before making a solution. I decided to teach french because I find it to be a beautiful language, and I really want students to learn it at some point in their life in hopes of them being successful. That's about it, so I guess you can say I talk a lot.


Johnathan Murphy - Nephew

Melissa Allen - Secret girlfriend, student at one point

Damien King - Boss

Thomas Levi - Friend

Alana Foxxwell - Enemy

Ophelia Gaile - Student