Ophelia Gaile
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Graduate
Age 22
Status The Devil Worshiper
Physical attributes
Height 5'6
Weight 110 lbs

Biography Edit

Hello, I'm Ophelia, Ophelia Gaile. I was born up in Canada, so I'm a little Canadian baby. I have 3 other siblings, one of which I hate the most named KC. My father got fired from his job up in Canada, and we ended up moving to Chicago. We've been living there since, but I'm hoping to get out of this place one day, but I doubt that it's ever going to happen. Anyway, I'm the eldest of the Gaile children, so I tend to be more in reality than their asses are. My father teaches language arts, and I find his classes to be awfully boring, In fact, I'd rather watch paint dry than be in his class. I'm into singing, but it's not that choir shit, so I decided to take poetry because fuck the world. Anyway, that's it, so don't even bother talking to me.

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  • Melissa Allen - see "friends"

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