Lindsey Ward
Vital statistics
Position Redforest Student
Age 18
Status Queen Bee
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 100 lbs

Biography Edit

Lindsey was born and raised in a higher-class, rich family, and was never really punished for anything as a child. Because of this, Lindsey has the tendency to be incredibly stuck up, and sometimes bratty. She’s not afraid to throw fits when she wants something, and she’s definitely not afraid to sacrifice the feelings of others for her own gain. She’s the kind of person to, for the most part, come across as incredibly sweet to people, until they’ve gotten in the way of what she wants. She doesn’t necessarily mean to hurt others, it’s just something she does, and she often cannot tell when she does it. 
She’s also one to be very into gossip and drama, and has considered dating someone from Chicago Prime for the sole purpose of having a dramatic, movie story type relationship.

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