Khyle Allen
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 16
Status The Oompa Loompa
Physical attributes
Height 4'8
Weight 145 lbs

Biography Edit

Khyle Louis Bernard Allen, the son of Montgomery Allen and Heather Allen, is a very well spoken person. Khyle is the kid in class who gets bullied for his size and height and even family. He likes to express his life with quotes and poems. He's intellegent in some ways but not the smartest guy in the world. Khyle enjoys his family, his beautiful mom, and his two devious sisters he calls them. Hating his dad, he doesn't speak to him anytime because he always loved Melissa the most. When Khyle moved the Chicago, he hopes he does get the respect and attention from him. "It's not a boys appearance that matter to just respect and love." Khyle says in his large book of poems and quotes.

Connections Edit

Enemies Edit

Family Edit

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