Josiah Ventayen
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 16
Status Soccer Musician
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 150 lbs

Biography Edit

Josiah grew up in a fairly small town with a fairly small family. As a matter of fact, the only family he grew up with was his mom and his little sister. His father walked out on them when Josiah was about 4 and so, it's been just him, his sister and his mom ever since. Growing up, he tried to help his mom out the best he could. Working two jobs must have been hard enough, so Josiah helped by doing things like taking care of his sister while his mother worked. When he turned 14, he managed to get a job at a fast food joint. He didn't earn much and didn't work for many hours, but since a family friend had offered him the job, Josiah decided to take it. Money is money, after all. And in their situation, any amount of money would help. 

Josiah may not have showed it much, but he always had a musical talent. He could sing, was a decent dancer and even secretly taught himself to play the guitar and piano. He kept these talents hidden only because he was afraid it would remind his mom too much of his father. Like him, his father had been musically talented. So, Josiah tried his best to keep these talents of his hidden from not only his mom but everyone else. Tried, because after 15 years of not knowing, his mother eventually found out her son was a singer. She wasted no time in sending him to a performing arts school, deciding her son deserved better than the old, beaten down High School he attended back at home.

Connections Edit