Jorgenia Gaile
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Cheerleading Coach
Age 44
Status Hottie Mommasita
Physical attributes
Height 5'4
Weight 110 lbs

Biography Edit

Hello! I'm Jorgenia, and I'm the wife of Robert. He and I met back when I was 19, and we quickly got together. Soon after he and I got married, I had found out that I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Ophelia, and we were overjoyed. We ended up having three more, and he and I are happy parents wondering how the time went by seeing them growing up so fast. Our family ended up moving to Chicago after my husband lost his job to Canada, but we're happy to have the jobs we currently have. While my husband teaches language arts, I'm the coach of the cheerleading squad, and I'm happy to have these girls help prove that our school is the best of the best. I enjoy being in charge to make sure that the best goes for the team to make the students and faculty here proud. Watch out, competition! The Chicago Prime Tigers are out to get you!

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