Than Murphy
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 16
Status The Douchebag
Physical attributes
Height 5'2
Weight 95 lbs

Biography Edit

Hi, my name is Johnathan, but I go by Than. People wonder why I don't just shorten my name to John. I shorten my name to Than because it's a free country, and people can not dictate how I shorten my name. I'm the baddest boy in Chicago Prime, and no one shall deny that fact. I fucking hate it when people call me John or Johnathan since that isn't my name. People keep telling me that I'm gay or bi for asking them to suck my dick when I'm straight as straight can be. Just because I dare to engage in homosexual acts doesn't make me bi or gay. I attempted to get everybody to call me Uncle Jesse in the third grade, but they ridiculed me for it. Like, Full House is a really good show, and I hate it when people doesn't get my references. Also, my dad is a guidance counselor while my uncle is the French teacher, and I'm pretty sure he's fucking one of my classmates who won't give me a bj. That's about it in the life of Than.

Connections Edit

Enemies Edit

  • The student body

Family Edit