Ivy Allen
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student; Runner of toplessIVY
Age 15
Status The Porn Star
Physical attributes
Height 5'3
Weight 245 lbs

Biography Edit

I'm 14 year old Ivy. My father and mother are staff at this school. I have 2 sibblings. Okay, so I am a sitemodeler on Instagram and Tumblr. My parents doesn't know I post "naughty" pictures on the internet. Let's face it! I'm 14 I do what I want. So I model and do photography. Don't worry, I got cute pictures to cover up my skin. I have over 10 boyfriends and I cheat on everyone of them. I do photography as a living. Its my passion, to express myself. Also I blog 24/7. My nick name is Dulce on the internet. I'd like to be called Dulce because I am the supreme model here. I had a really rough childhood considered my brother and sister was always the good kids. I always get F's and suspensions. We moved to Chicago and hoped our life became better. I'm making sure my grades are good and my self is sexy.

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