Heather Allen
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Science Teacher
Age 33
Status S&M Freak
Physical attributes
Height 5'7
Weight 150 lbs

Biography Edit

Heather was born in a rural city close to Chicago, she was an only child that suffered from being alone. She had trouble making friends and nobody wanted to approach her. Since she had no distractions, Heather focused on academics and became the top in her class. Heather wasn't very good under pressure, and she liked to do time consuming things, things that would keep her away from talking and socializing with other people. When she reached the age of 24 she met a man by the name of Montgomery Allen, she was immediately attracted to his hard build, wild curly hair, and his tough professional tones. When she was 26 her and Montgomery got married and adopted 2 children, when they decided to have a third child they wanted it to be special. Heather and Montgomery tried to have a baby together. 9 months later, they were successful and Heather had given birth to a girl. Since then Montgomery has drawn Heather to teach at Chicago Arts performing school. She is the science teacher, and proud of it. Heather is kind of awkward, but she's always in the mood to spark up some stimulating conversation. Being athletic and educated are her main focus and she's extremely in love with Montgomery despite the fact that he's bisexual. 

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