Evangeline Collier
Vital statistics
Position Redforest Student
Age 19
Status Queen Bee
Physical attributes
Height 5'1
Weight 110 lbs

Biography Edit

The name's Evangeline, I'm a boss ass almost 19 year old bitch that goes to Redforest. I'm always told to be honest, so that's who I am. My best friend is Lindsey, she and I always take turns spying on Chicago Prime to get gossip to spread to the halls of the amazing Redforest. I really love money, sugar daddies older than me, gossip, and bling. However, I hold myself to a higher standard compared to those Chicago Whine students who have such low standards for themselves. Things that I hate includes but not limited to ugly guys, no gossip, no bling, no sugar daddies older than me, no money, and Chicago Whine students. The reason why Lindsey and I are basically best friends is because we're quiche, and it's because we have really high standards which is why she and I are basically like the most popular girls at Redforest.

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