Ed West
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student, Cashier at Good Burger
Age 16
Status Stoner Kid
Physical attributes
Height 5'7
Weight 120 lbs

Biography Edit

I'm Edward, but my peeps call me Ed. I go to Chicago Prime 'cause I wanna be a comedic actor when I get older ya know? I uh also work at this burger joint in the mall called Good Burger because we uh have really good burgers? People sorta describe me as a uh stoner despite being like uh straight edge. Drugs like uh ain't for me. Whenever I get called on to answer a question that I uh don't know, I always respond with Jupiter. Why? It's the first thing that comes to my uh mind like uh yeah. I also got one of the Allen sisters pregnant, and I'm uh pretty sure it was Ivy since Melissa is like fucking a teacher from what I uh heard in the hallways.

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