Darcy Foxx
Vital statistics
Position Redforest Student, Hotel Heir
Age 19
Status The One that makes Everyone Question Their Sexuality
Physical attributes
Height 5"7
Weight 115 lbs

Biography Edit

Born to Vera and Jared Foxx, Darcy is an heir of Foxx Suites, a chain of fancy hotels that are currently in 78 countries. He is the great-grandson of Steven Foxx, the founder of Foxx Suites. His family is very wealthy, but Darcy's parents chose to live in Chicago rather than in Los Angeles due to Vera being a socialite and decided that they'd be better out in Chicago. Darcy went to Chicago Prime from 6th to 8th grade and lost his virginity to Melissa Allen. When he entered 9th grade, his parents started paying for him to go to Redforest in order for him to go to school with other kids that were rich causing him to meet Lindsey Ward and Evangeline Collier, who ends up being his frenemies. Now, he's back together with Melissa after like five years of not talking. He could practically be considered the family embarrassment. 

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