Danni Rivera
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 20
Status Magic Asshole
Physical attributes
Height 5'0
Weight 95 lbs

Biography Edit

I was born near Las Vegas in the back of a van, despite that, I wasn't really supposed to be in the picture in the first place. But, what they say about what goes around comes around appears to be quite true for that kind of sitution dealing with her unexpected pregnancy with me, but I guess that'll do. My mother originally wanted to be the lead singer in a heavy metal band, but I crushed her dreams in a way. My whole life, I've kind have been to London and such since I kind've grew up in the punk rock scene. I've always wanted to deal with magic, not in the way those cheap magicians are although you could say that; more of a science and superstition kind of magic, like you'd think those 'so-called' witches would do back during the Salem Witch Trials. I guess that I have to learn the pulling card trick first before I can move onto the saw and the box. So for now, I'm stuck in boring Chicago trying to learn some 'tricks.' Oh and you can call me Danni, I hate Daniella.

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