Claudia Hills
Vital statistics
Position Chicago Prime Student
Age 17
Status Desperate Fashionista
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

Claudia was born in Tokyo Japan at exactly 2 seconds before 2 A.M. Her parents Siya-Naru Hills and Neyh Hills were disappointed in her through many years. All Claudia cared about was fashion, clothes and makeup. Claudia cared about was fashion/designing. At the age off 13 she made her own clothing line and sold 800$ worth of clothes. The next year her parents moved to Chicago. Claudia never gave up her fashion skills. She loved being the popular girl. At the age of 15, Claudia's parents finally seen her creative passion of fashion they decided to send her to this preforming art school. She hopes to be the best she can through life now.

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